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UTP University of Science and Technology

About University

UTP University of Science and Technology
(Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy -
the UTP) in Bydgoszcz has a 63 year-long
tradition going back to 1951, when the first
school of higher education in Bydgoszcz
was created - the Evening School of Engi-
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Ecology and environmental protection

Name of course
Ecology and Environmental Protection
Faculty of
Animal Breeding and Biology
Department of
Partly zoology and botany

Weekly schedule of classes

Field excursion

Competences and skills – after course student will know the principles of ecology and function of elements in ecosystem, dependencies between elements on the level of organism, population, biocenosis, landscape and biosphere, complexity of environment and threats from human activity; student will be also able to take decisions how to limit these threats.

Teaching methods – multimedia lectures, laboratory experiments (presentation and describing of arthropods, ecological models, calculations)

Methods of examinations – oral exam.

Name of teachers – Bogusław Chachaj, PhD, Anna Seniczak, PhD, Stanisław Seniczak, Professor


Lectures – Ecology as science, division into branches, problems of modern ecology. Ecosystem as unit, components and dependences. Energy flow through ecosystem, productivity of ecosystem. Trophic chains, trophic pyramid, accumulation of toxins in trophic chains. Circulation of elements in ecosystem. Organization of biocenosis. Interactions of individuals and populations in ecosystems. Development and evolution of biocenoses. Protection of air quality. Protection of water and soil quality. Protection of natural resources and demographic problems.

Laboratories – Ecological factors limiting species occurrence. Temperature as ecological factor. Water as ecological factor. Light as ecological factor. Salinity as ecological factor. Population and its characters: number of specimens and density. Reproduction, mortality, and sex and age structure. Spatial and social structure of population. Fauna of insects as indicator of habitat quality. Ecological groups in water ecosystems and their bioindicative value. Forms of nature protection. Bioindicators of air quality. Groups of soil animals as bioindicators of soil quality. Biocenotic indices as a measure of habitat quality.


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Supplementary literature
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