HR Excellence In Research


The logo is given to institutions that implement the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. It is a quality mark, confirming that the University conducts a transparent process of recruitment of researchers and creates friendly working conditions and career development.
The European Charter for Researchers describes the rights and obligations for the researchers, their employing institutions and also organizations providing research funding. The European Charter for Researchers concern working conditions, career development, mobility, and scientific care for young researchers.
The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers describes the rules for recruiting researchers whose institutions should comply, ensuring equal treatment for all researchers in Europe. This is the principle of transparent information about competition procedures, providing opportunities for professional development at all stages of the career and also the principle of non-discrimination among others due to sex, age, origin or language.

Members of the Team for the preparation of the Application to the European Commission for the assignment of the HR logo

  • RNN – Prorektor ds. Nauki – PhD Stanisław Mroziński, prof. UTP
  • RNN – MSc Beata Majewska
  • WBAiIŚ – PhD Krzysztof Pawłowski
  • WIM – PhD (doktor habilitowany) Tomasz Piątkowski,
  • PhD (doktor habilitowany) Dariusz Boroński, prof. UTP
  • WHiBZ – PhD Anna Zmudzińska, PhD Sylwia Krężel-Czopek
  • WTiICH – PhD (doktor habilitowany) Małgorzata Kaczorowska
  • IMiF – PhD Alfred Witkowski
  • WTIiE – PhD Tomasz Andrysiak
  • WRiB – PhD Izabela Wielewska
  • WZ – PhD (doktor habilitowany) Krzysztof Andruszkiewicz
  • RNN – MSc Patrycja Lutkowska
  • RNN – MSc Aleksandra Mielczarek

Policy OTM-R

The person responsible for sending the application to the European Commission: MSc Beata Majewska - Head of the Science Department

On 10th of May, 2019, UTP University of Science and Technology applied for the HR Excellence in Research. The following documents have been sent to the European Commission:

  1. GAP Analysis Process Description
  2. GAP Analysis (Charter and Code Checklist)
  3. OTM-R Checklist
  4. Action Plan



  • obtaining a quality sign by an organization confirming compliance with ethical norms in the area of job relations and in conduct of scientific research;
  • being provided with an opportunity to improve the university image as an institution providing conditions supportive for development of scientific research;
  • promotion of the organization abroad for providing the best conditions for conduct of scientific research and development;
  • assistance in obtaining European grants (HORYZONT 2020);
  • obtainment of scientific category.


Chart 1. Classification of respondents according to the occupied position


Chart 2. Classification of employees according to gender


Chart 3. Classification of respondents according to the scientific degree/title