Information about changes in the classes for Erasmus+ students will be sent individually.

Information for students concerning classes participations at the time of restricted functioning of the University.

  1. You take part in the classes on your own volition.
  2. If you are ill or you are staying at home with the person undergoing quarantine or isolation at home, or you yourself are in quarantine or isolation, please do not come to the University for the classes.
  3. Before the classes take your temperature and make sure you do not have any other symptoms, including cough, dyspnoea, headaches and muscle sores.
  4. Have enough personal protective equipment to cover you nose and mouth (masks, face shields, pieces of garment) during the whole period of classes.
  5. At the University you have to cover your nose and mouth, wash and sanitize your hands, as well as wear protective gloves. Soap and hand sanitizer, as well as protective gloves are provided by the University.
  6. Don’t bring non-essential objects, bring only the ones that you need during the classes. The University provides a cloakroom and plastic bags, so that you can leave your things in the cloakroom or another designated space.
  7. During the classes don’t borrow items from other students. Don’t use mobile phones.
  8. While at the University, don’t stay in groups and keep at least 1.5-metre distance from other people.
  9. Beware that the classes – depending on the weather conditions – will be conducted with the windows and doors open, and breaktime should be spent outside, keeping 1.5 m distance.
  10. Please note the messages and instructions on the doors to rooms, toilets and lifts. Please comply with them strictly.
  11. Put the items of used personal protective equipment in the designated bins only.
  12. If you feel ill during the class, inform the person conducting the class immediately.
  13. If after the classes you observe symptoms that might indicate the coronavirus infection, please inform immediately the Regional Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Bydgoszcz (52 325 56 00 or 728 874 405), medical services (999, 112) and the Dean Office of your Faculty.

Security Coordinator UTP
OHS and Fire Inspectorate UTP