General information about study at the UTP

UTP University of Science and Technology offers 28 study programmes in Polish, including first and second cycle of study.

All faculties offer chosen curses in English for LLP/Erasmus students. Full offer is available on – Courses in English.

The studies of the first degree: BSc or BSc in eng. course, providing knowledge and skills in a given field of study, getting you ready to start your professional career, ending with the degree BSc or BSc in Eng.

The studies of the second degree: MSc studies, providing specialist knowledge and skills in a given field of study, as well as getting you ready for creative career, ending with the MSc or MSc in Eng.

The studies of the third degree: PhD degree – a PhD course offered to MSc holders or the holders of an equivalent degree, providing advanced knowledge in a given field of study or discipline, getting you ready to independent research or creative activity to be awarded the PhD degree.

In the academic year 2013/2014 the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering launches a new second-cycle study programme i.e. Computer Aided Engineering. This is so far the only one full field of study in English (3 semesters) of the University. The graduates can obtain the title of Master of Science in Engineering.