How Much it Costs


Single room  Price
 two-room segment  600 PLN (150 Euro)
 four-room segment  600 PLN (150 Euro)
Double room Price
 two-room segment  420 PLN (100 Euro)
 four-room segment  400 PLN (100 Euro)


For food you need less than 200 Euro per month.

In the UTP canteen you can buy diner for 3 Euro (12 PLN).

You can also prepare meals in our dormitory where you will have access to the kitchen and refrigerator.


Public transport

Bydgoszcz is well-connected city with a network of bus and tram connections. Student ticket prices (you must have ID card):

  • a single ticket - 1,50 PLN
  • hourly ticket - 2,10 PLN
  • daily ticket - 6 PLN
  • monthly ticket - 37 - 60 PLN*

*depending on the number of lines

You can encode a monthly ticket on an electronic student card.