Students health insurance

Foreigners undergoing education in Poland may join, on an optional basis, the public health insurance plan operated by the National Health Fund. All you need to do is file a written application with the National Health Fund. Under this insurance free medical care is available. The insured students have the use of university health care clinics and health centres. Monthly insurance premiums for foreigners undergoing education in Poland – whether as undergraduates, doctoral students, or graduates doing a compulsory internship – are calculated on the basis of an equivalent of a long-term welfare benefit (at this writing, about EUR100). If a student, member of a doctoral course or graduate doing a compulsory internship has been recognised as a person of Polish descent within the meaning of the Repatriation Act, their insurance premium is paid by their host HEI or by the institution running the doctoral course. As for other foreigners undergoing education in Poland (i.e. persons who are neither students, members of doctoral courses, nor graduates carrying out compulsory internship), their monthly health insurance premium will be established on the basis of an equivalent of the average national monthly pay. The foreigners insured with the National Health Fund are exempt from the surcharge. Persons attending preparatory courses in Polish are entitled to the “student” treatment. Foreigners pursuing doctoral studies individually (i.e. not enrolled in a doctoral course) may take out a National Health Fund insurance, but their premium will be calculated as in the “other foreigners” case. For purposes of determining an amount of a student’s insurance premium it is irrelevant whether he or she is on a scholarship provided by the Republic of Poland or is undergoing education under another financial arrangement. The students who choose not to take out health insurance in Poland can use paid services of private clinics and hospitals. Also, all foreign students have an option of purchasing additional accident insurance.

Under bilateral agreements the citizens of the U.K., Sweden and Slovakia are entitled to free medical care. Under an agreement with the Czech Republic the Czech students are entitled to necessary medical care in cases of sudden illness or accident.

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