Recruitment of Foreign Students For Higher Education Institutions

The candidate must have a matriculation certificate [matura] or another equivalent document attesting that the holder has the right to be considered for admission to higher education in the country in which he or she completed secondary school.
By each May 31st the HEIs determine their enrollment terms and procedures and the scope of an entrance examination to be taken by the candidates in the next calendar year. This information is published on each HEI’s website.
Some schools (departments of the arts, physical education, departments preparing students for the teaching profession, and the like) organize additional aptitude tests. The military and merchant marine higher education institutions additionally apply an age criterion.

As of May 1st, 2004 foreigners are free to undertake and continue studies and participate in scientific research and training projects and schemes on the same terms as the Polish citizens if they:

  • hold a settlement permit;
  • have a refugee status granted them in the Republic of Poland;
  • enjoy temporary protection on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  • are migrating employees – citizens of a EU Member State or of an EFTA State being a member of the European Economic Area Treaty, employed formerly or currently in Poland; this right extends also to members of their families, if resident on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  • citizens of EU Member States or of EFTA States - members of the European Economic Area Treaty, and members of their families, who have means sufficient to cover their living costs during the period of study; however, they are not eligible for low-income scholarship.

Students who propose to continue in Poland studies commenced abroad must produce a list of subjects taken and grades obtained at their former HEI.

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